Bespoke Jewellery Terms & Conditions


Jewellery is such a personal choice – sometimes you might not find what you are looking for in store.

You might have inherited a piece that you don’t wear and would like to re-model, or perhaps you’d like to create a completely new piece of jewellery personal to you.

We are here to help and at Avanti we specialize in bespoke jewellery design.

The process of having a bespoke piece created varies with each design and we take great care to make sure you explore all possibilities to achieve exactly what you are looking for.



Your bespoke journey will start with a conversation, either in person or virtually if required.

You may have an idea in mind, or maybe you would like to utilize our experience to guide you through the different options available.

If you do have ideas, it is useful to bring any relevant images to your initial consultation, so we know which direction to take. If you are planning a ring and want to wear it next to another ring, it’s important we see it, so we can take into consideration its shape and dimensions to ensure any design you like will fit next to it correctly.

We can show you images of projects, previous designs and pieces in store to gauge a clear idea of the style and direction you would like to go in.

When it comes to budget, we know sometimes this can feel daunting, but there’s really no need to worry and it’s so much easier if we have an idea of what you are hoping to spend at the outset. With this in mind we can suggest the appropriate options open to you and will do our best to work with you to achieve your vision, taking into consideration the specification of any stones you might like to include.



Our experienced sales team will discuss the style, stones and metal, so if we feel an idea won’t work, we can suggest an alternative solution using our many years of experience to guide you in the right direction.

Your initial enquiry will then go to our bespoke team who will decide if the proposal needs simple sketches, a CAD design or if something from our existing catalogue of designs may be suitable for your enquiry.

Before we embark on a bespoke design, we kindly request a fee of £100. This is non-refundable but will be deducted from the final balance should you proceed to manufacture. Designs often take several hours of the designers’ time and this is why we request the fee. Any sketches or CAD designs can then be sent to you via email.



Your estimate is prepared once a design has been agreed, based upon the total design and manufacture time, plus the cost of materials and any stones required - it usually takes up to two weeks from the initial consultation to production of the estimate.

Any amendments to a design may require a re-estimate before manufacture proceeds.

When you are happy with the design and wish to proceed, we ask that you contact our bespoke team via email or telephone with clear instructions – we will then confirm back to you.

It is your responsibility to ensure all relevant information/instruction has been successfully passed on to the relevant people by direct email or phone call in order to proceed with your order.

We cannot take instructions from social media or via WhatsApp messages.

Once an order is placed, we then ask for a deposit of 20%, the final balance is due on collection. Please note your £100 design fee is included in this 20%.



We use a highly trained team of goldsmiths to create your bespoke piece of jewellery. We manage the process from start to finish.

Once we have commenced manufacture, if any changes are then required, additional costs will be incurred which can only be assessed at the time.

If you are re-using a preloved item (metal or stones) then please refer to our Preloved Jewellery & Melting Gold Terms and Conditions.



The manufacturing process can take between 5-7 weeks, sometimes longer at busier times of the year. Elements outside of our control can sometimes lead to delays, but we will keep you informed throughout the process, particularly if you are working to a specific timescale.

Please note all our designs remain the property of Avanti and we reserve the right to reproduce them.

Photographs of your finished bespoke jewellery may be used for future marketing purposes. No personal information will be used.

As each bespoke item is made to order we do not accept any returns on items designed and manufactured under this policy.