Bespoke Ring Designs

These designs are available in all precious metals with various gemstones.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on any of our designs by quoting the reference numbers.

Single Stones (including stone set shoulders)

Reference: 7570

A pear shaped diamond ring in platinum.

Reference: 8062

An emerald cut diamond with blue sapphires set down the shoulders, designed to fit perfectly with a stone set wedding band.

Reference: 14180

A large smoky quartz cocktail ring in rose gold.

Reference: 8356

A fancy crossover ring set with a round tourmaline.

Reference: 14727

A pink stone ring in a detailed setting, with diamond set shoulders.

Reference: 1161-1286

A round brilliant cut diamond ring with split diamond set shoulders. 

Reference: 14296

An aquamarine cocktail ring in an intricate white gold setting.

Reference: 5497

An asscher cut diamond single stone engagement ring.

Reference: 15972

A three band diamond set ring with a yellow centre stone.

Reference: 14796

A cushion cut diamond ring in a mixture of white and yellow gold.

Reference: 17613

A large pear shaped diamond engagement ring.

Reference: 15940

Single stone diamond ring with a beautifully patterned setting.

Reference: N/A

A yellow stone ring with diamond twist shoulders in rose gold.

Reference: 18012

A round brilliant cut diamond ring with a twist diamond set shoulder setting.

Reference: 447WF-J8-P1

An oval diamond ring with plain split shoulders in platinum.






Reference: 16760

9ct yellow gold cocktail ring in a classic claw setting.

Reference: 15117

An oval diamond engagement ring with diamond set shoulders.

Reference: 17461

An emerald cut tanzanite ring with diamond grain set shoulders.

Reference: 16280

An emerald cut emerald with baguette and round diamond set shoulders.

Reference: 17874

A pear shaped diamond ring in a rub over setting.

Reference: 17690

A stunning 53 carat canary yellow Kunzite cocktail dress ring.

Reference: 16917

A black diamond solitaire ring with white diamond set in the shoulders.

Reference: 18286

A large aquamarine cocktail ring with diamonds set under the setting.

Reference: 17023

A beautiful soft tourmaline ring with a diamond set band.

Reference: 18273

A large round diamond solitaire engagement ring & matching wedding ring with a hammered finish.

Reference: 16033

Round brilliant cut diamond in a six claw setting with a tapered white gold band. 

Reference: 15996

A plain platinum band, bezel set with an oval diamond.

Reference: 7420

A Harry Potter themed ring with a diamond set underneath. 

Reference: 17328

A show stopper cocktail ring in platinum, using a green tourmaline surrounded by a geometric spiral design.


Two & Three Stones

Reference: 18413

Reference: 18241

Reference: 17328-J14-P1

Reference: 17151

Reference: 18212

Reference: 15751

Three stone diamond engagement ring with diamond set shoulders and underneath the setting. Made in 18ct yellow gold.

Reference: 17462

Round brilliant cut aquamarine and diamond three stone ring made in platinum.

Reference: 16075

Round brilliant cut tanzanite three stone ring with with beautiful pear shaped diamonds either side. 

Reference: 15130

18ct yellow gold three stone ring, with a stunning blue emerald cut tanzanite with a trilliant cut diamond either side. 

Reference: AV413

An asscher cut diamond dress ring with a pear shaped tanzanite on each side. 

Reference: 17238

A classic three stone round brilliant cut diamond ring in 18ct yellow gold.

Reference: 15188

An elegant diamond and pink tourmaline three stone engagement ring.

Reference: 7670

A fancy two stone diamond twist ring in platinum.

Reference: 17663

A platinum three stone dress ring, set with emerald cut diamonds and a deep pink tourmaline. 

Reference: 8025

A rose gold swirl dress ring set with a pear shaped amethyst and garnet.

Reference: 16110

A large round brilliant cut diamond ring with tapered baguette cut diamonds either side.

Reference: 15870

Round brilliant cut diamond three stone ring in a rub over setting using white and yellow gold. 

Reference: 18099

Using the customer's own stones, we have made a beautiful three stone aquamarine dress ring with diamond set shoulders, in white gold.

Reference: 14906

A deep blue sapphire and diamond swirl ring in platinum.

Reference: 18322

A chunky gents ring with claw set diamonds. 

Reference: 490WF-J7-P1

In platinum, a dark oval opal ring in an intricate fancy setting with diamonds either side. 

Reference: 17686

A three stone diamond ring with a baguette diamond set on each side.

Reference: 5644

A white and yellow gold ring set with three round brilliant cut diamonds graduating in size. 

Reference: 17165

A two stone round diamond swirl ring.

Reference: 13516

An 18ct yellow gold emerald cut pink tourmaline ring in a raised rub over style setting with a RBC diamond either side. 

Reference: 7546

A round diamond and pear shaped amethyst three stone ring in white metal.

Reference: 8454

An oval citrine ring with a diamond set in each of the split shoulders, made in 18ct white gold.

Reference: 8018

A fancy celtic design ring with two pear shaped diamonds and a small round diamond in the middle.

Reference: 17328-J9

A platinum dress ring using a green tourmaline and two small round diamonds, all in rub over settings.

Reference: 6123

In 18ct yellow and white gold a fancy tourmaline and diamond dress ring.

Reference: 6049

A rectangular smokey quartz with two marquise shaped diamonds set in a unique rose gold ring

Reference: 18505

Padparadscha sapphire and diamond three stone ring

Halo & Cluster

Reference: 14988

A vibrant green emerald and diamond deco inspired dress ring.

Reference: 17824

A round diamond cluster ring set in platinum.

Reference: 16940

A yellow sapphire and diamond halo ring with matching diamond wedding ring.

Reference: 17-445

A pave set diamond engagement ring in a deco shaped setting.

Reference: 16904

A round diamond halo ring with diamond set split shoulders in platinum.

Reference: 1158-1280-J8-P1A

A large oval opal ring in white gold with a diamond halo.

Reference: 522W-J17-P1

A stunning and unique cluster ring with an emerald cut pink centre stone with round and marquise diamonds scattered around. 

Reference: 5669

A blue sapphire and white diamond cluster ring in platinum.

Reference: 15313

A large oval sapphire ring with a halo of diamonds, featuring a lot of claws.

Reference: J15-P2

A rub over set diamond cluster ring in the design of a flower.

Reference: 31-J9-P1A

A pear shaped diamond halo ring with diamond set shoulders, in 18ct white gold.

Reference: 18083

A square emerald cut diamond ring with a square halo surrounding, in platinum. 

Reference: 15035 J19-P2

A large diamond cluster ring in platinum, in the shape of a soft flower. 

Reference: 17686

A geometric shaped diamond engagement ring, featuring baguette and round diamonds with an asscher center stone.

Reference: 16355

An amethyst and diamond halo cocktail ring in white and yellow gold. 

Reference: 17992

A re-design, using the customer's emerald cut blue topaz with a halo of diamonds, to make a beautiful platinum ring.

Reference: 14602

A morganite and diamond cluster ring in 18ct rose gold.

Reference: 13894

A show stopper ring using a deep blue stone surrounded by diamonds. 

Reference: 8151

Using a pink oval tourmaline as the centre stone, then diamonds set in different layers around it. This ring has been made in white and yellow gold. 

Reference: 17023

An aquamarine cocktail ring surround by diamonds with three way split shoulders.

Reference: 17824

A round diamond cluster ring in platinum. 

Reference: 5914

A blue pear shaped sapphire with a round diamond halo, in platinum. 

Reference: 14045

A long oval deep opal with a round diamond halo, in 18ct white gold.

Reference: 7645

A cushion cut deep pink ruby with a halo of diamonds, in an 18ct white gold setting with a yellow gold shank. 

Reference: 8297

A unique diamond cluster ring using princess cut and round brilliant cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold.

Reference: 7208

A delicate emerald and diamond cluster ring with a beaded edge finish in yellow and white gold.

Reference: 5711

A white gold ring with diamonds and a ruby in a flower cluster design.

Reference: 8305

A colourful cluster ring, featuring a green round centre stone surrounded by diamonds.

Reference: 14300

A mixed gold cushion cut diamond ring with a halo of diamonds. 

Reference: 15171

A platinum beautifully designed ruby and diamond cluster ring.

Reference: 15-2102

A unique emerald and diamond cluster ring with alternating different sized diamonds in yellow gold. 

Reference: 5678

A sapphire and diamond flower cluster ring in white gold. 

Reference: 405WF-J12-P1

A pretty pear shaped amethyst ring with scattered diamonds around. 

Reference: 18321

A large oval emerald ring with a cluster of diamonds in a white gold setting and yellow gold shank. 

Reference: 15464

A mixed gold ring with an art deco pattern.






Band & Shaped Rings

Reference: 18241

A large emerald cut diamond & trapezoid three stone diamond ring with a shaped diamond wedding ring for the perfect fit.

Reference: 17565

A yellow and white diamond wedding ring made to suit our customers marquise engagement ring.

Reference: 15532

A shaped wedding band, using baguette diamonds and blue and pink sapphires to perfectly compliment the customers engagement ring.

Reference: 6383

A multi band engagement and wedding band all in one! This design really makes the diamond stand out and link both pieces together.

Reference: 18290

A curved wedding ring set with pear shaped diamonds to fit customers diamond halo ring. 

Reference: 18238

A baguette and princess cut diamond eternity ring in platinum.

Reference: 17564

A stunning wedding ring design with scattered round diamonds set in square claws.

Reference: 18285

An emerald & diamond eternity ring set with alternating princess cut & baguette cuts.

Reference: 15-289-J3-P5

A five stone round diamond ring channel set in a chunky yellow gold band. 

Reference: 17804

A baguette diamond eternity ring in white gold.

Reference: 16918

A full set diamond and sapphire ring using beaded edges to create a wonderful pattern subtly around the ring. 

Reference: 15123

A five stone diamond eternity ring in white gold.

Reference: 16154

A full set alternating ruby and diamond ring in platinum.

Reference: 98WF-J6-P1

An alternating princess cut emerald and diamond ring in a claw setting.

Reference: 16867

Matching in design a diamond and platinum engagement and wedding ring.

Reference: 17565-J8-p1

Reference: 15138-J7-p1

Reference: 15099-J9-p1

Reference: 14746-J5-p1

Reference: 18380 J6-P1

Reference: 8277

A yellow gold half set eternity ring using baguette diamonds.

Reference: 8388

A claw set blue sapphire half eternity ring. 

Reference: 7334

An alternating blue sapphire and diamond ring individually spaced apart.

Reference: 1142-1257-J2-P11A

A diamond and pink stone wedding band, made to match the customers beautiful engagement ring. 

Reference: 439WF-J9-P1

A wider platinum ring set with round brilliant cut and an emerald cut diamond.

Reference: 9137

A shaped diamond wedding ring for the perfect fit with a customers engagement ring.

Reference: 8157

A unique diamond and pink stone ring in a high claw setting.

Reference: 6382

A baguette diamond wedding band made to sit closely with the customer tanzanite and baguette diamond engagement ring. 

Reference: 7412

A curved blue sapphire wedding band designed to match with the customers unique engagement ring. 

Reference: 176 WF-J7-P1

A matching wedding and engagement ring using baguette diamonds in white gold. 

Reference: 14757

Reference: 8541

Reference: 14707

Reference: 17934

Reference: 15028

Reference: 18414

Rose gold ring set with pink and white diamonds

Reference: 18457

A crossover ring set with one row of round diamonds

Reference: 18388-J7

A claw set round diamond band ring which can be worn as a wedding ring, eternity ring or a dress ring

Reference: 18388-J6

A scalloped semi rubover set round diamond band ring

Reference: 15-239

A yellow gold wavy band ring set with alternating smaller and larger round diamonds

Reference: 14493

A shaped diamond wedding ring to fit perfectly with our customers engagement ring

Reference: 390WF-J4-P5

Platinum and diamond shaped wedding ring

Reference: 16531

A diamond wedding ring made to fit around customers diamond solitaire engagement ring for the perfect fit with no gap

Reference: 16517

Shaped sapphire eternity ring to sit with customers shaped wedding ring

Ambr J4 P1A

Two rose gold band rings set with three rubies in each ring

Fancy Multi-stone

Reference: 16523

A multi-stone band ring with scattered multi-coloured sapphires. 

Reference: 17779

Another take on our diamond set Cascata ring.

View our Cascata range here

Reference: 17963

A wide dress ring with plain outer band & a diamond crossover in the centre. 

Reference: 7353

A take on the Avanti 'Cascata' ring range in 18ct yellow gold, using round diamonds. 

View our Cascata range here.


A scattered marquise shaped diamond ring in white gold.


An art deco style ring using diamond and a round blue sapphire. 

Reference: 18216

A double band ring with scattered sapphires & diamonds.

Reference: 17370

A platinum & diamond open circle dress ring.

Reference: 18181

A diamond set ring with graduated round brilliant cuts & a row of smaller diamonds on each side.

Reference: 14554

A redesign of a family heirloom in yellow gold, using pearls and rubies. 

Reference: 15444

A platinum curvy diamond ring in a mixture of claw and bezel settings. 

Reference: 17571

A striking blue sapphire and diamond ring with an emerald cut centre stone. 

Reference: 15853

An emerald cut and baguette cut diamond fancy ring. 

Reference: 17948

A white gold multi band ring with a blue sapphire Minnie Mouse feature piece and a heart set with a round diamond. 

Reference: 17024

A baguette cut pink tourmaline with unique diamond set shoulders, in platinum. 

Reference: 18047

Another take on our multi band scatter rings using emerald and citrine stones. 

See our multi band rings here.

Reference: 16005

In white gold, a large aquamarine ring with two baguette diamonds either side. 

Reference: 15088

A thin three band ring set with five diamonds and a single amethyst.

Reference: 17275

A unique turquoise marquise and round diamond ring set in yellow gold. 

Reference: 8103

A wavy yellow gold ring set with a single round brilliant cut diamond. 

Reference: 336WF-P1

A full diamond set bubble ring set in 18ct yellow gold.

Reference: 402WF-J9-P1

An asymmetrically designed ring with an oval blue sapphire and small round diamonds either side. 


A unique diamond ring with princess cut and small round diamonds alternating in a hexagon design. 

Reference: 15218

A thick and thin multi strand ring with bezel set round brilliant cut diamonds. 

Reference: 18275

A unique floral inspired amethyst and diamond cocktail ring.

Reference: 1154 1276

A bright coloured chunky ring using aquamarines, tourmalines and diamonds. A wonderful example of a beautiful customer design, brought to life. 

Reference: 6420

An elegant white and rose gold ring with one round diamond in a bezel setting. 

Reference: 7426

In yellow gold an oval ruby and small diamond set ring. 

Reference: 5604

A fancy green tourmaline and diamond multi- stone ring in a wonderfully unique design. 

Reference: 185R-J13-P1

Using great fancy detail, here is a diamond and yellow gold ring in a deep pretty setting. 

Reference: 961-1048-J1-P3A

In a white gold setting with a yellow gold shank, a blue sapphire and diamond ring graduating in stone size. 

Reference: 16098 J16-P1

A wavy yellow gold and scattered diamond ring. 

Reference: 18323

With an emerald cut centre stone and small diamonds bar set down the shoulders, this ring is set in yellow gold and sits as a dramatic dress ring. 

Reference: 16026

Using princess cut stones in sapphire and diamond- here is another example of a take on our 'Cascata' ring range.

Reference: 14668

Using round diamonds and an aquamarine and deep blue sapphire, here is another example of a multi band ring. 

Reference: 438WF-J3-P1

Reference: 433WF-J1-P1

Reference: 7687

Reference: J14-P1

Reference: 5109

Reference: 17005

Reference: AV344

Reference: 7243

Reference: AV350

Reference: 8061

Reference: 514GS-J7-p1

Reference: 15097

Reference: 11 R-J8-p2

Reference: 7796

Reference: 14138 -J6-p1

Reference: 18416

Reference: 17596

Reference: 427WF

Reference: 5770

Reference: 16808

Avanti Bespoke Jewellery & Re-design Enquiries

Please get in touch if you see a design & would like to enquire on a price by quoting the reference.
  • In order for us to process all enquiries you must give us an idea on your budget

  • When melting and reusing customers own metal, refining is sometimes required at an additional cost & extra precious metal may need to be added.

  • For bespoke ring designs we will need

  • All designs produced using our CAD software will require a deposit which is deducted from the final cost. (This is a non-refundable deposit if an enquiry is not proceeded.)

  • All designs are owned by Avanti


  • Timescales will vary depending on each piece and our workload. Our bespoke design service from the initial appointment to receiving images of your design is usually 1-2 weeks. Once the design has been approved the manufacturing process is usually between 5-7 weeks. However if you require your piece for a particular date we will do everything we can to achieve this so please do speak to a member of our team. (Timescales will be extended over holidays such as Christmas and New year)