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Lab-grown Diamonds at Avanti Fine Jewellery of Ashbourne

Lab-grown diamonds FAQ Are lab grown diamonds real? Yes! They have the same properties, characteristics and crystal structure as natural diamonds including the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, carat and colour) and are a 10 on the measure of hardness scale (Mohs scale). What sort of price are lab-grown diamonds? Currently they can be up to 50% less than natural diamonds, as they are quicker and easier to reproduce- meaning you can get a bigger stone for your money! However, this could change depending on the price of natural diamonds and... Read More


Our Black Zirconium Rings

Looking for a non-traditional wedding ring? Then look no further! Here’s our new collection of stylish and unique black zirconium rings. Made in Britain by on one of the UK’s leading wedding manufacturers. Our Zirconium rings can be combined with fine silver (999), 9ct or 18ct yellow white and rose gold or platinum. The zirconium is heat treated to give it the black colour. This is a permanent treatment so you don’t ever have to worry about the colour changing. Hardwearing and hypoallergenic makes zirconium the perfect choice for men’s... Read More


The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Currently one of the most desirable watches in the world, The Rolex Daytona is so popular that collectors are on waiting lists for years to be in with a chance to be offered one to buy. Rolex keep production low for this model to preserve such high demand and also due to the fact it has a unique movement to this model. It wasn’t until Paul Newman (the famous actor and race car driver) wore one that this timepiece was considered desirable and cool… and the rest is history! The... Read More


Avanti Designs

With a workshop and master goldsmith onsite, along with a top designer, computer aided software and a state-of-the-art 3D printer; we really do have all the ingredients necessary to create exclusive and one off designs that are sure to be talking points amongst your friends. Whether in plain silver or set with exquisite gemstones and diamonds, our Avanti ranges are not to be missed. A lot of our designs are already available in silver, yellow, white and rose gold, however, if you don’t see the finished look you are looking... Read More


Christmas Shopping

With Christmas just around the corner, no one likes to be unprepared! Every year the day creeps up on us and we all struggle to find gift inspiration. Here at Avanti, we’d like to make it easy for you and give you our top gift ideas by price range. Whether you are shopping on a budget, or would like to treat that someone special this year, we have something for everyone! Not only do we offer a wide selection of gifts but we also have a complementary gift wrapping service-... Read More


Signet Rings

A brief history: You may have heard about signet rings, also referred to as ‘seal rings’.  Signet rings are extremely fashionable with many people wearing or owning one to express individuality or even to showcase a family heirloom which has been handed down through the generations. These used to be worn primarily by men, but are now most commonly seen and worn on the little finger of men and women who wish to exhibit style or a family connection or sentiment. Signet rings actually date back to the Ancient Egyptians,... Read More


Brands at Avanti

Here at Avanti, not only do we design and make our own exclusive ranges, but also offer a fantastic range of other brands. From classic silver pendants and diamond set jewellery, to accessories, watches and alike, we really have something to suite everyone. Here is a little guide to the brands that we stock and our top 5 favourite pieces from each. Fiorelli (prices starting from £38) Fiorelli jewellery is the perfect way to add a modern finishing touch to your everyday style. In the words of Fiorelli, their jewellery... Read More


Q&A with Rolex & Omega trained Horologist Malcolm Wadlow

Malcolm Wadlow, our highly skilled on-site watchmaker has been with Avanti now for over 2 1/2 years having previously worked at Rolex agent Salloways Jewellers in Lichfield. Malcolm’s reputation and skill is such that other local jewellers now use the Avanti watch servicing centre for their prestige watch repairs. We spoke to Malcolm about his background in watchmaking and asked for his thoughts and advice to anyone considering purchasing a new timepiece or having a watch serviced or repaired. This is what he had to say: How did you begin... Read More


Our 2021 Fire Opal Show Stopper – Sunbeam

Inspired by the sunsets that burn in the west over the Peaks, the Sunbeam suite of jewels signifies regeneration and renewal. The pieces reflect the vibrancy of life and joy of emerging back into a world of love and hope. After viewing countless stones Zoë located the perfect one, a stunning three carat fire opal with a colour so vibrant it almost glows.Zoë got straight to work on the initial design with the idea of a statement necklace worthy of an Oscar nominated actress.  A design tweak or two later,... Read More


Master Goldsmith – Avanti Jewellers of Ashbourne

The highly skilled goldsmith Philip Horton joined our Ashbourne workshop team last year. Philip is recognised as a “Master Goldsmith” by the Dutch Guild of Goldsmiths FIPG (Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths). This was awarded to Philip due to his unusual role of having the skill to hand-make jewellery mounts and then complete the piece by setting the gemstones. This way of working is quite rare in the jewellery trade these days. Generally speaking, each jeweller has their own specific area of expertise; one will specialise in making the mounts and one will set the... Read More