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Our Favourite Celebrity Watch Brands

Prince William – Omega Seamaster Prince William is a big fan of the classic Omega Seamaster which we believe was gifted by Princess Diana. You will quite often see the future King of England wearing his Omega watch to appointments, conferences and in his everyday life. Eddie Redmayne – Omega Seamaster Eddie Redmayne has played some fantastic roles in films like The Theory or Everything and Fantastic Beasts. Eddie is an Omega ambassador and is often seen wearing his Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-axial Master Chronometer. This model mixes... Read More


Our Favourite Celebrity Engagement Rings (2020 Edit)

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes from the popular round brilliant cut diamond solitaire to a traditional sapphire and diamond cluster ring. (Since we posted this blog we have seen a few more stunning engagement rings hit the red carpet so we couldn’t resist adding those into our favourite list) Here’s some of our favourite celebrity engagement rings… Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Nicola Peltz Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Brooklyn Beckham proposed to Nicola Peltz in July 2020 with a stunning emerald cut diamond with a delicate diamond set... Read More


Our Five Top Tips For Buying a Wedding Ring…2020 update

Your wedding ring is the one thing from your big day that will last a lifetime… So here’s our top five tips when buying a wedding ring to make sure you choose the perfect ring: Tip 1: Choosing the correct finger size and comfortable fit Always have your finger professionally measured. Take advice from the jewellers and use your own judgement, especially if you are not used to wearing a ring. Depending on the width of the ring, different ring gauges should be used to measure your finger. Your finger can... Read More


Our NHS Charity Jewellery

To say a huge thank you to our wonderful NHS who are all working tirelessly on the front line since the outbreak of Coronavirus began, we are giving all profits from sales of this blue crystal necklace and stud earrings to the NHS. These blue crystal and silver pieces have been chosen because of the similarity in colour to the NHS blue. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of orders we have received so far and cannot thank you enough for each and every one of you who have... Read More


The Rolex Submariner and GMT Master

The Rolex Green Hulk Submariner The Rolex Hulk Submariner 116610LV has become one of Rolex’s bestsellers and we have to admit, we can see why … The History Rolex introduced their first Submariner diver’s watch in 1953. The Submariner wasn’t the first Rolex model to feature water resistance but it showed higher efficiency than the Rolex Oyster due to its ability underwater at a depth of 330 feet. There have been several Submariner models over the years but Rolex introduced the Rolex 16610LV back in 2003 to celebrate the collection’s... Read More


Aquamarine Rings

It’s not just us that love Aquamarine’s check out these celebrities who also love them… celebrities such as Meghan Markle, the Queen and Jessica Biel also love aquamarine rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets with the odd tiara thrown in too.



At the 2020 National Television Awards we saw some great (and some not so great) outfits teamed with minimal and classic accessories and jewellery. Here’s just some of the red carpet looks…


The Oscars 2020

At this years Oscars we saw more amazing jewellery on the red carpet… So here’s our top 10 The 2020 Oscars was all about diamond necklaces…. after all they are a girls best friend


2020 Engagement Ring Predictions

Art deco – the roaring 20’s is making a big comeback for 2020. You will be sure to see lots of geometric design engagement rings this year with more modern versions putting an unusual twist on the classic look… but lets face it, the Deco style will never go out of fashion.The 1920s was a revolutionary era of geometric shapes, bold colours, and delicate filigree detailing. These unique details stood out then and still do today and this is why brides love the Art Deco look. Celebrities such as Scarlett... Read More