October 2016


Celebrity Engagement Rings: Kate Middleton & Price William

Kate Middleton & Price William were possibly one of the most well know engagement ring certainly in the UK, if not worldwide. This 18ct oval sapphire & diamond cluster ring was originally purchased by Prince Charles and priced at £28,000 from Garrard in 1981. The current value is around £300,000.    


Conflict Free Diamonds

Here at Avanti, we are pleased to say that all the diamonds we source and use are conflict free, this is ensured by using suppliers with excellent reputations. But you may be asking yourself what does the word conflict refer to? Diamonds with a violent past is probably a better term to explain the phrase conflict/blood diamonds, they are usually mined mainly in Africa in countries such as Angola, Sierra Leone and The Congo, please note though not all African mines are corrupt, Botswana has a thriving legal diamond market.... Read More


Do You Wear Your Diamonds Everyday Or Are They Stashed Away?

After reading an article in The Sunday Times it got us thinking… Do you wear your diamonds everyday or are they stashed away? I think of number of us will admit to this and bring our jewels out for special occasions only, but lets face it our diamonds are just not getting the wear they deserve. It was so refreshing today to have two ladies in the shop who do exactly the opposite and wear all their jewels everyday, so come on ladies diamonds are the new daywear accessory!  The Sunday Times also stated... Read More


Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

With such a variety rings available, how do you make the correct decision on what to buy for your partner? Once Kate middleton started wearing a sapphire and diamond ring, we thought everyone would follow suit? This has not been quite the case, but interested has definitely increased in emeralds, rubies and sapphires , which always have an enduring allure no matter the era. Vintage rings are real winner and even if you do not buy vintage, think about the different periods in time that are now influencing styles, such as... Read More