May 2019

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Our Favourite Jewels From The Met Gala 2019

As you might expect the New York jewellery brands played a big part at the New York red carpet event this year, although Italian designer Bulgari was seen the most on the red carpet. The theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion”. Think over-the-top, flamboyant and exaggerated looks and times it by ten. Here’s our list of the best jewels seen at the Met Gala… Of course Lady Gaga stole the show again and had to be at the top of our list after getting through four Brandon Maxwell outfits and wearing... Read More


Watch Winders For Automatic Watches

If you have an automatic watch then you will probably want to consider purchasing a watch winder? We have listed the top three benefits of watch winders to help you make that decision… The watch winder winds your automatic watch while you are not wearing it, ensuring perfect timekeeping with the calendar* This means you can pick up your watch after not wearing it for a few days without having to change the time. *The calendar on some watches may need to be manually adjusted for months that do not... Read More