The Rolex Submariner and GMT Master

The Rolex Green Hulk Submariner The Rolex Hulk Submariner 116610LV has become one of Rolex’s bestsellers and we have to admit, we can see why. Earlier this year Rolex discontinued the Rolex Hulk model so they now becoming a collectors piece… The History Rolex introduced their first Submariner diver’s watch in 1953. The Submariner wasn’t the first Rolex model to feature water resistance but it showed higher efficiency than the Rolex Oyster due to its ability underwater at a depth of 330 feet. There have been several Submariner models over... Read More


Watch Winders For Automatic Watches

If you have an automatic watch then you will probably want to consider purchasing a watch winder? We have listed the top three benefits of watch winders to help you make that decision… The watch winder winds your automatic watch while you are not wearing it, ensuring perfect timekeeping with the calendar* This means you can pick up your watch after not wearing it for a few days without having to change the time. *The calendar on some watches may need to be manually adjusted for months that do not... Read More


Top 5 Tips To Care For Your Watch

Have you received a new watch as a gift and want to know how to look after it? Here are our top 5 tips to care for your watch… 1.     Clean your watch regularly Use a slightly damp cloth (not wet) and a small brush (something like a dry toothbrush) to clean around the case and bracelet getting in between the links. Never use soapy or hot water even if your watch is water resistant as this can damage seals. Then use a polishing cloth just to buff up the... Read More