Machine Engraving

We can machine engrave items such as the back of a watch, a keyring or a tankard by machine for example.

Please note: we cannot engrave plated items

Contact us or call in store to discuss your requirements 

Hand Engraving and Seal Engraving

Our specialist hand engraver can engrave wording or initials (including monogram - where the initials overlap slightly) onto a signet ring, cufflinks or the inside of a ring etc. 

Our highly skilled seal engraver can engrave a family crest or coat of arms from an image or from a reverse wax seal impression.

We offer various styles of engraving, for show or seal engraving. Seal engraving is cut in reverse to the depth where the ring can be used to create a positive sealing wax impression.

Prices depend on the complexity so it is best to email us with your crest or call in store to discuss this in more detail.

Contact us or call in store to discuss your requirements 

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving can be used in various ways. If give a perfectly clean and deep engraving line. 

We can laser engrave the following:

  • Classic wording available in various font styles.
  • Finger print engraving (including small hand print and foot print) - clear ink prints must be brought into us (any smudges or marks will appear in the engraving)
  • 2D and 3D Seal style engraving
  • Handwriting

Please keep in mind if you want something small engraving then details will be less visible. 

Minimum metal thickness is approximately 0.7mm, anything thinner than this is at customers own risk.

As a guide a 3mm band is the minimum thickness for script style font as smaller than this it can be hard to read with the naked eye.

It is at the customers own risk on plated items which are not purchased from us and the engraving chips the plating off. 

Contact us or call in store to discuss your requirements 

Here are the traditional styles of engraving by the National Association of Jewellers