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  • General Information
    • Our store opening times are:

              Mon - Sat : 9.30am - 5pm

              Closed Sunday (Except the Sundays in December up to Christmas)

              Bank Holiday Mondays and Sundays: - See About Us for more details

    What If I Need To Make A Change To My Purchase?
    • Please contact us as soon as possible either via email or telephone and have your purchase details ready to hand. It will not be possible to make changes if your good have already been dispatched.

    How Do I Check My Finger Size?
    • The best way to check finger size is to visit our store in Ashbourne, where one of our advisers can measure you finger. The size may vary slightly depending on the style of ring you are looking for.
    • Alternatively we can send you a plastic ring gauge in post. Please be aware these may not be 100% accurate
    • Visit a local jewellery and ask them to measure your finger, note down your finger size and ask if they used a leading edge or centre line gauge.


    How Long Does It Take For A Bespoke Piece Of Jewellery?

    • This time-scale varies depending on several factors. We may need to get in a selection of loose stones in for you to view etc. Once a you have confirmed a proceed on a design/stones etc it is usually around 4-6 weeks unless there is a large number of stones to hand set then it could be up to 8-10 weeks. If the item is needed for a specific date we will always try to work within realistic time-scales.


    Does My Jewellery Leave Avanti For Repairs?

    • We carry out around 60% of repairs on-site. We also have specialist craftsmen who we have long established working relationships with in Birmingham where repairs are hand delivered and collected. All items are fully insured whilst in our care and locked in our safe unless they are undergoing the necessary work in the workshop.


    Can My Purchase Be Engraved?

    • A selection of products can be engraved but please contact us before purchasing to check if this is possible. Charges will apply for this service and pieces cannot be returned once they are personalised.


    What Are The Best Diamond Certificates?

    • The best certificate is the GIA (Gemological Institute Of America)
    • The next best diamond certificates are the HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) and IGI (International Gemological Institute)


    What If I Ordered The Wrong Ring Size?

    • If your ring was made to order and the finger size wasn't measured in-store with us there may be additional charges if the ring needs to be re-made.
    • Platinum and gold will usually size within three sizes depending on the design. We may need to remake the ring if it is not possible to re-size.
    • Palladium doesn't size easily but most designs will adjust a couple of sizes.
    • Titanium is an extremely hard metal and therefore cannot be sized more than one size. You would need to return the ring to us unworn for us to exchange the ring. This would take an additional three weeks as our titanium rings are made to order. Unfortunately we cannot exchange rings which have been personalised with engraving. 
    • Silver can sometimes be sized depending on the type of stone and how it is set. As silver is such a good conductor of heat the stone can be damaged in the sizing process. It is best to return the ring back to us unworn and we can exchange this for a different finger size.


    What Are The Birthstones For Each Month?

    January - Garnet

    February - Amethyst

    March - Aquamarine

    April - Diamond

    May - Emerald

    June - Pearl

    July - Ruby

    August - Peridot

    September - Sapphire

    October - Opal

    November - Topaz

    December - Turquoise


    What Are the Jewellery Related Wedding Anniversaries?

    25th - Silver

    30th - Pearl

    35th - Coral

    40th - Ruby

    45th - Sapphire

    50th - Gold

    55th - Emerald

    60th - Diamond


    How Do I Care For My Gemstones?

    Diamond, Sapphire, rubies and aquamarine are harder stones so it is safe to use warm soapy water. 

    Extra care must be taken with gemstones such as Emerald, Tanzanite, Opal, Pearl, Blue John and Mother of Pearl avoiding chemicals and heat as these are some of the more delicate gemstones.

    We recommend professional cleaning for all gemstones.


    What if I only know the finger size which is not a UK size?

    Diamond Here we have a ring size conversion chart from other countries such as the United States, Europe, and Asia. We always recommend getting your finger measured by a professional in the UK if possible as this chart is only a guide.


  • Product Information
    • Where possible we use high quality diamonds of D-H colour and FL-SI2 Clarity, a minimum of Faint/Slight fluorescence (in most cases - no fluorescence) and a minimum of good cut, polish and symmetry. A small selection of jewellery may be slightly lower quality than this. You can see more diamond information below
    • The alloys we sell and work with are: Platinum, 18ct White/Yellow/Rose, 9ct White/Yellow/Rose, Palladium and Silver. However a small selection of pre-owned jewellery is 14k/15k. If an item states gold plated, this is gold plating on 925 silver.
    • Our white gold products are rhodium plated to the industry standard. The rhodium does eventually start to wear off but they can be re-rhodium plated. Occupational and lifestyle wear, as well as chemicals such as chlorine and hand sanitiser can all shorten the life of rhodium plating.
    • Many designs can be made to order using a variety of coloured precious and semi-precious gemstones. All our coloured gemstones are sourced from long established reputable companies worldwide.
    • Our ladies bracelets are generally made to an average length between 7"-8". If you require a different length please contact us. We may be able to adjust certain designs. Contact us at 
    • Our pre-owned watches are under guarantee with us for one year from purchase on time keeping unless stated otherwise. 


    Here is a rough guide to help you see the various lengths of chain:


    The carbon based mineral is the hardest of all known substances (Mohs hardness scale 10) and exist in a variety of colours. White diamonds are graded by colour, clarity, cut, polish, symmetry and fluorescence. Diamond sizes are weighed in carats. 

    Shape (also known as cut)

    Our most popular diamond shapes are round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds. However many more cuts are available including Asscher, Emerald, Oval, Marquise, Pear, Cushion, Radiant and Baguette.



    Colour grade mainly range from D (exceptional white) to M (tinted yellow colour). D, E and F are the collection colours which are graded as colourless.


    Natural imperfections and inclusion within the diamond. These are graded from Flawless down to Pique.


    The cut is the proportions and angles of the finished diamond. This is graded from Excellent to Poor


    The finish of the surface of diamond.This is graded from Excellent to Poor. Here are just a few examples:


    This is accuracy of which the diamonds alignment and facets to perfect proportions. This is graded from Excellent to Poor. Here are a few examples:


    A blue colour which can be omitted by the diamond under ultra violet light. This is graded from Nil Fluorescence to Very Strong. (a stronger fluorescence can give the diamond a milky appearance in daylight)

    Diamond Certificates

    We only recommend the top three diamond certificates which are the most accurate. These are the GIA, HRD and IGI.

  • Delivery Queries
    • If you choose to buy and collect in store please bring with you a form of photographic ID along with your online purchase details. Please contact us if you wish to collect your goods on a specific day so we can confirm the item will be ready for you to collect.
    • If your country is not listed for our shipping service please contact us on and we can add it to the list.
    • If you need an item for a particular date please contact us before ordering and we will try our very best to work within your time scale.
    • We can deliver to an alternative address to your billing address (e.g work) if this is more convenient. Please use the shipping address for this.
    • If you purchase several items to be shipped to different addresses you must place these orders separately.
    • Anything which is dispatched outside of the UK will have the VAT removed but the consumer will be required to pay the appropriate customs & tax charges (this varies from country to country).
    • The consumer is responsible for any customs/import charges. You will need to check with your own country to confirm the import charges.
  • Returns Queries
    • You have 14 days to notify us if you wish to return unwanted goods (goods must be in the same condition as they were received) and another 14 days for us to receive the goods.
    • If you ordered a ring in the wrong size please contact us as soon as possible to arrange re-sizing the ring with us free of charge, excluding your return shipping charge (small charges may apply for alterations on pre-owned items) Please make sure the ring is unworn as we are unable to size certain designs and will therefore need to exchange the ring. If your ring was made to order and the finger size wasn't measured in-store with us there may be additional charges if the ring needs to be re-made
    • If you have purchased an item by interest free credit and you wish to return the item please contact us before returning to discuss your options.
    • If you wish to return goods which are faulty (manufacturers fault) this must be within 6 months of the date the goods were purchased.
    • If faulty good are returned to us within your 28 days we will credit your return postage cost with proof of receipt.
    • Please be aware our insurance only covers items we ship out and it does not cover items sent from the consumer therefore you are responsible for the cost of returning the item including any necessary insurance cover in case the parcel is lost in transit.