General Jewellery Repairs

We offer a full jewellery repair service using highly skilled and experienced craftsmen and women. We have four gold and silversmiths on-site along with many other specialist repairers who we have work with for many years.

Here are just a few examples of what we do:

  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • Cleaning Tarnished Silver
  • Rhodium Plating White Gold (avoid chemicals such as those in a hot tub)
  • Ring Re-sizing
  • Platinum Lasering
  • Cutting Off Rings
  • Chain or Ring Re-join
  • Replacement Chain or Bracelet Clasp
  • Supply and Fit a Safety Chain
  • Re-threading Pearls and Beads
  • Replacement Earring Backs
  • Convert Earring Fittings
  • Re-engraving Patterns (by hand, machine or laser)
  • Adding Extra Link to Chains and Bracelets
  • Jewellery Inspection and Checks for Insurance 
  • Convert Jewellery (for example if you lost one earrings we could convert the remaining earring into a pendant)
  • Specialist Silverware Repairs (please contact us first)

See our jewellery restoration section for more extensive jewellery repairs.

All jewellery in our care is fully insured 


Timescales vary depending on each piece

Jewellery Restoration

When jewellery starts to show signs of wear it is advisable to seek professional advice. Sometimes if a piece of jewellery is too worn we may recommend having parts replaced or having it remade.

From replacing a missing or damaged gemstone to building up a worn setting and much more. Be assured that all pieces of jewellery are fully insured whilst in our care.

We offer the following restoration services: 

  • Build Up Claws/Repair Broken Claws
  • Repair Cracked Setting/Build Up Setting
  • New Shank (half, 3/4 or full)
  • New Setting
  • Remounting Customers Stones
  • Re-polishing/Re-cutting a Gemstone
  • Match Up and Supply Missing or Damaged Gemstones
  • Match Up a Lost Earring

Insurance Claim Repairs and Restorations

We are affiliated with LMG (Britain's largest jewellery claim specialist) for claims on lost/stolen/damaged jewellery as well as many other insurance companies.

Before we can produce an estimate for the work required we must be made aware of you insurance details so we can provide you with the correct documentation. 

Please contact us for more information at or call into our store for an assessment of the necessary work required. Estimates are available on request.

We recommend making an appointment with us to start the process of your claim. If you have any original receipts or previous insurance valuations for your lost, stolen or damage jewellery we would recommend bringing it with you on the initial consultation.