Product Information

  • Where possible we use high quality diamonds of D-H colour and FL-SI2 Clarity, a minimum of Faint/Slight fluorescence (in most cases - no fluorescence) and a minimum of good cut, polish and symmetry. A small selection of jewellery may be slightly lower quality than this. You can see more diamond information below
  • The alloys we sell and work with are: Platinum, 18ct White/Yellow/Rose, 9ct White/Yellow/Rose, Palladium and Silver. However a small selection of pre-owned jewellery is 14k/15k. If an item states gold plated, this is gold plating on 925 silver.
  • Our white gold products are rhodium plated to the industry standard. The rhodium does eventually start to wear off but they can be re-rhodium plated. Occupational and lifestyle wear, as well as chemicals such as chlorine and hand sanitiser can all shorten the life of rhodium plating.
  • Many designs can be made to order using a variety of coloured precious and semi-precious gemstones. All our coloured gemstones are sourced from long established reputable companies worldwide.
  • Our ladies bracelets are generally made to an average length between 7"-8". If you require a different length please contact us. We may be able to adjust certain designs. Contact us at 
  • Our pre-owned watches are under guarantee with us for one year from purchase on time keeping unless stated otherwise. 


Here is a rough guide to help you see the various lengths of chain:


The carbon based mineral is the hardest of all known substances (Mohs hardness scale 10) and exist in a variety of colours. White diamonds are graded by colour, clarity, cut, polish, symmetry and fluorescence. Diamond sizes are weighed in carats. 

Shape (also known as cut)

Our most popular diamond shapes are round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds. However many more cuts are available including Asscher, Emerald, Oval, Marquise, Pear, Cushion, Radiant and Baguette.



Colour grade mainly range from D (exceptional white) to M (tinted yellow colour). D, E and F are the collection colours which are graded as colourless.


Natural imperfections and inclusion within the diamond. These are graded from Flawless down to Pique.


The cut is the proportions and angles of the finished diamond. This is graded from Excellent to Poor


The finish of the surface of diamond.This is graded from Excellent to Poor. Here are just a few examples:


This is accuracy of which the diamonds alignment and facets to perfect proportions. This is graded from Excellent to Poor. Here are a few examples:


A blue colour which can be omitted by the diamond under ultra violet light. This is graded from Nil Fluorescence to Very Strong. (a stronger fluorescence can give the diamond a milky appearance in daylight)

Diamond Certificates

We only recommend the top three diamond certificates which are the most accurate. These are the GIA, HRD and IGI.