The most popular places to propose

Is there anything more romantic than a proposal? Two people choosing to spend the rest of their lives together and taking the first step towards married life. Today, proposals are more extravagant and public than ever, with people sharing and ‘hashtagging’ their special moment across social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Location is key when planning the perfect proposal, and there are certain spots across the globe that attract thousands of couples each year, but which ones are the most popular? We analysed 10,000 photos posted on Instagram using the hashtags #shesaidyes #proposal #amazingproposal #beautifulproposal #ononeknee to find the most popular locations for people to ask that all important question...

Do the romantic city streets of Paris, Rome and New York still reign supreme, or are we choosing adventure and natural surroundings over these traditional spots? We’ve found the top 20 proposal spots according to Instagram data, click the map below to find out where they are!


The Perfect Places

We can see a great variety of popular proposal locations in our map, which we’re sure gives you lots of inspiration for your own special event. Like us, you’re probably not surprised that New York City made the number one spot. It’s the perfect blend of luxury, romance and excitement. Equally cosmopolitan, we find Australia’s Sydney at number two. However, that’s when things start to change and we can see a trend towards popping the question at natural landmarks rather than big cities. The Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu, Niagara Falls, and Yosemite National Park all make the top ten, while classic romantic spots such as Paris and Rome only reach number 12 and 14, respectively.

Although there’s clearly a growing trend of travelling to faraway countries, most of the popular places to propose in our list are found in Europe and our top 20 features an almost even share of famous landmarks and vibrant cities.

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