Specialist Watch Workshop in Derbyshire

Luxury Watch Repairs, Servicing and Restoration

Our state-of-the-art watch repair shop opened on 1st October 2018 based in at our Jewellery and Watch shop in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. It is equipped to the highest level offering everything from replacement watch batteries or watch link removal to a watch repair or a full watch service on a luxury timepiece. We also offer an on-site three stage water resistant test (pressure test) from 30m up to 1220m for professional diving watches.


The sophisticated watch workshop is headed up by the highly skilled watchmaker Malcolm Wadlow who works to the highest of standards and has vast experience in servicing high quality watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Longines, Tissot and many more.

Growing up, Malcolm had a great interest in the art of watchmaking. From the age of 5 he would sit and watch his father working at the watch bench taking a keen interest in the precise and intricate work involved. 

Back in 1974 Malcolm trained following the British Horological Institute's syllabus at the Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing which is now part of the City of Birmingham University. 

In 1978 at the age of 21 he was elected Fellow of the Horological Institute, one of the youngest ever. 

In 2007 Malcolm replaced his own tutor as Senior Lecturer of Horology at City of Birmingham University. He has also tutored at The British School of Watchmaking in Manchester delivering the WOSTEP program (watchmakers of Switzerland training and educational programme).


Avanti will be happy to estimate for all repair work needed however all estimates are subject to the availability of parts for all brands of watches. 

Our Watch Services

Here's just some of the watch services we can provide on-site in our workshop on many watch brands:

  • Replacement Batteries
  • Link Removal
  • Replacement Pins
  • Replacement Watch Straps (leather, rubber or bracelet straps including branded straps)
  • Pressure Testing and Resealing - water resistant test up to 1220m (see below for more details)
  • Tighten Watch Catch
  • Replacement Glass
  • Replacement Hands
  • Replacement Button and Stem
  • Full Watch Service (see below for more details)
  • Clean and Refurbish Watch Case and Bracelet
  • Dial Restoration or Replacement
  • Timing on an Automatic or Manual Watch
  • Replacement Parts or Movements
Watch Servicing at Avanti Jewellers of Ashbourne
Water Resistant Testing
Caring For Your Watch

Watch Servicing and Overhauls

We recommend you have your watch serviced every 3 - 5 years for both mechanical watches (manual wind and automatic) and quartz watches (battery operated). 

When watches are serviced at Avanti the movement is dismantled, checked for any worn or damaged parts, these are then replaced. All watch parts are ultrasonically cleaned, the movement is then reassembled and lubricated. Following this the movement is then set up on our diagnostic testing equipment to ensure accurate rate of timekeeping.

The next phase is to assemble the calendar mechanism and refit dial and hands of the watch.  Meanwhile the watch case and bracelet are cleaned polished and refinished.

Once the watch case has been reassembled complete with new seals, it then undergoes a three stage water resistant testing without the movement. Once satisfied with the integrity of the case the movement is then refitted and the watch undergoes a second course of waterproof testing. The watch then is subjected to various tests ensuring accurate timekeeping and reserve power in the case of automatic watches.

Timescale for this service will depend on our workload and availability of materials at the time. We are always happy to estimate for work and parts which are needed. If you would like further information on timescales and a price guide please email us with the make and model of your watch and what is required.

We offer a two year guarantee on our watches services carried out by our watchmaker (unless stated otherwise).

Please note: This guarantee does not cover everyday wear and tear or accidental damage

Water Resistant Testing and Advice

Watches that are water resistant over 30 metres and have a screw crown can be submersed in water but please be aware that soaps, detergents (such as washing up liquids/shower gels/hand soap etc), and alcohol in cosmetics (such as perfumes, aftershaves and moisturisers) can damage the seals and change the molecular tension of water making it more searching and able to get into the watch. Watches being worn while swimming in salt or chlorine water should always be rinsed in clean water afterwards.

If your watch is water resistant to 50m or over, we recommend having your watch waterproof tested at every battery change.

If you are a professional diver or use your watch regularly in water you should have the complete waterproof testing every 12 months, this applies to both mechanical and quartz watches. We offer professional water resistant testing up to 1220 meters.

However if your watch is resistant up to 30 meters or doesn't have a screw down winder it is only splash proof and not suitable for showering, bathing or swimming.

If you would like further information and a price guide please email us



Caring For Your Watch

For in-depth advice on how to look after your watch including cleaning, servicing and replacing the battery please read our 5 tips blog for watch care advice.

This includes advice such as avoiding magnetic fields, electrical waves and hard impacts, How to clean your watch at home and storing your watch at home correctly...

We would also recommend that your luxury timepiece has an up to date valuation for insurance every 3-5 years so your watch is covered for the correct value in the event of damage, loss or theft. Our independent valuer who is affiliated with the best associations in the country will provide you with a detailed bound document with photographs, a loose copy for your insurance company (and a PDF digital copy if requested).

Our pre-owned luxury watches are checked over and timed in our watch workshop which we guarantee timekeeping for 12 months unless stated otherwise.

We also buy in premium brand watches and offer part exchange subject to assessment by our watchmaker and at the discretion of the Managing Director.

If you have any questions or are enquiring for prices on any of our watches services please email or call us on 01335 348961

You can also message us on Facebook

(Please note replies may take longer outside of our working business hours)

Our workshop is set up for modern watches. Please contact us or bring your watch in if you have an older watch and our watchmaker will be able to confirm after his assessment if it is one we could repair.

For specialist vintage repairers please contact the British Horological Institute for a list of watchmakers in your area.

Please use our contact form below if you have any questions about our watch services