Hinged Rings

Do you struggle to get rings over your knuckles? 

We can provide hinged rings to help against issues such as arthritis, medical issues and finger size fluctuation.

The patented hinge and latch design is virtually invisible and snag-free. Using this opening and closing technology eliminates any poor fitting issues which can sometimes be due to large knuckles. Your ring comes with a stylus to activate the mechanism and is guaranteed for five years.

We can offer this hinge design on several ring designs or why not even design your own ring. From engagement rings, dress or eternity rings to wedding rings.

As well as new rings it may also be possible to integrate this technology into existing rings. It would be necessary to fit a new hinged band to an existing setting but please note this is only possible with certain designs as the hinged band is quite deep.

This durable hinged opening design is available in 14ct gold, 18ct gold (yellow white or rose) or platinum.

For more information on the hinged rings email us at info@avantijewellers.co.uk or call us on 01335 348961